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Advcash Disabled SCI
Good Morning , We will like to inform everyone that uses advcash to make deposit that our advcash SCI has been disabled, So we will no longer support deposit via advcash at the moment.

The issue is a general problem for all Investment Companies and it did not affect only Nexio Investment Limited. Since there API is still working, we will keep processing withdrawal for all the users who have made deposit via the method in the past.

Invest your family and friends to join this superb company. Remember: With Nexio Investment Limited, your instant withdrawal is sure.
Jul-31-2018 10:58:37 AM
Welcome To Nexio Investment Limited
I will like to use this opportunity to welcome every member of Nexio Investment Limited. We at management want to assure you that your fund is secure and safe. We have implored the best security service available to secure and protect our servers.

Our website domain is registered for 5 years since 2017, So you can be sure to earn uninterruptedly for 5 years and beyond. Let your money work for you in Nexio While you sleep or relax.

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Jul-28-2018 09:09:55 AM